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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills

Welcome to The New Age Institute for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and thank you for visiting us.  Ruben B. Abrams,  MD, FACS, is dedicated to providing superb surgical skills together with his one of a kind artistic eye helping each one of  his patients get the look, face, nose, breasts or body they deserve utilizing the highest quality equipment available in Beverly Hills, California. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Noninvasive Cosmetic Procedures, Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck, Mommy Makeover or a simple Face-Lift, whichever you may need, at The New Age institute, Ruben B. Abrams, MD, FACS ‘s expertise will help get what you dream for.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgeries Provided at New Age Institute:

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At The New Age Institute for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, everyone is treated like a member of the family. Services can be summarized in: compassion, honesty & state of the art technology.Learn More…

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Where Dr. Ruben Abrams shares his knowledge and reveals daily tips and tricks how to keep yourself beautiful and healthy inside and outside.

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Dr Ruben B Abrams PhotoA Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Abrams has extensive experience in the latest cosmetic surgery advances and the artistic techniques he employs are innovative. Dr. Abrams has extensive experience in all areas of cosmetic surgery including Tummy TuckFacial Rejuvenation, Nasal Improvement, Breast Enhancement, Breast Reduction, and Body Contouring.

Ruben B. Abrams, MD, FACS

Medical Director, New Age Institute for Aesthetic Plastic SurgeryRead More…


 Member, American Society of Plastic SurgeonsCertified by American Board of Plastic Surgery Fellow, American College of SurgeonsMember, The American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery


Happy Patients’ Reviews

Dr. Abrams was very professional when I first had my consultation with him. I felt very comfortable with him and decided to proceed with my breast enlargement using saline and tummy tuck. I was scared at first but he made feel secure and calm before the surgery. The surgery was quick and it was not very comfortable in the first few weeks due to fresh surgery but I felt better because I could call   2 May 2013 by: krista2012 Beverly Hills, CA  
Thomas J.

Dr Abrams changed my life. The results are ten times better than I could have imagined. Last May I got breast implants and liposuction. Dr Abrams helped me get my younger, skinnier, sexier body back. Dr Abrams achieved the results he promised and more. I recommend him to anyone who is even considering plastic surgery.

Dec 5th, 2013

Thomas J.

Janice Allison

When I wanted to get a facelift to look younger, I had no idea who to go to. I heard about Dr. Abrams through one of my relatives. After my facelift, I no longer feel self conscious about the way I look. I look and feel so much younger, and my husband is really happy with the whole process too. Dr. Abrams is a miracle worker, and I will go back, to him if I need anything else done in the future. I will also tell everyone I know about his services, and how well he completes his work.

Oct 24th, 2013

Janice Allison

I cannot thank Dr. Abrams enough for all his care and expertise throughout my surgery experience! I went through breast augmentation and rhinoplasty surgeries at the same time. Pre-op, Dr. Abrams made me feel comfortable and answered all my questions and concerns, so I went through the process with no worries. I let Dr. Abrams make the decisions on what he thinks is best of me and I am happy with


30 Apr 2014

by: BeautifulInnOut
Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Abrams performed a rhinoplasty surgery and fixed a lip deformation from a car accident that I had about 6 months prior. Dr. Abrams was extremely professional and thorough throughout this unfortunate process. After consultations with others, I believe he delivered the best possible results and is very honest. He truly cares about his patients.

12 Jun 2013 by: ballgeier
Beverly Hills, CA
Aside from Dr. Abrams's wonderfulness, his staff is terrific too! Everyone is so professional and caring. I always felt "special" when I spoke with anyone at his office. The nurses at the surgery center were kind, professional, and caring people. I had a perfect experience and a perfect outcome. I am so happy!! I couldn't be happier with my breast implants and lift! The experience was perfect!  
6 May 201
Costa Mesa
Mia B.
Dr. Abrams was great.  Surgery went really well, he answered all my questions and concerns in advance, recovery was super easy.  Very professional, barely waited when I got there for consultation, all his staff is so sweet, I was just so comfortable throughout the whole process.  I would definitely recommend him.

Mia B.

Los Angeles, CA

Amelie L
I recently had my nose done with Dr. Abrams and had such a wonderful experience with him.  He is so professional, kind, and honest.  He listened to all my concerns and made sure that I was 100% comfortable with my decision to have surgery before going through with it.  He is not the type of guy who will push you to have surgery for his benefit; he wants to make sure that his patients are totally comfortable and happy with their decision.  He also was so helpful in giving me all the information I needed way in advance, so I would be completely prepared for the surgery and know what to expect.  And after the surgery, he made sure to follow up with me frequently to make sure that I was doing OK.

And besides just his hospitality and level of professionalism, the surgery went SO AMAZINGLY WELL!!!  I am SOOOOO happy with my nose, it looks so beautiful and natural, to the point that all my friends and family just says they notice something different but can’t exactly tell what.  Because it’s so natural, it doesn’t look like a fake, overly tiny, Hollywood nose.  It’s just perfectly natural, unique, and fits my face.  It’s obvious Dr. Abrams really looks at each of his patients individually and doesn’t have a “formula” for all the noses he does, but instead, makes sure that each time he does surgery on someone, it’s individualized to fit their exact features and needs.

Overall, I was EXTREMELY HAPPY with my experience with Dr. Abrams, he’s truly a one of a kind physician and I would 100% RECOMMEND HIM to anyone who is interested in any type of plastic surgery.


Amelie L.
Los Angeles, CA
Jill R

Dr. Abrams did my breast augmentation and lift in September 2010.  I trust him completely and recommend him highly! Dr. Abrams is a talented and gifted surgeon.  He is triple or quadruple certified and you will be hard pressed to find a more qualified surgeon.  I did my homework and I would never settle for less!


Jill R

Fountain Valley, CA


Jackie F
I had a tummy tuck, intense breast lift with implants all at the same time with Dr Abrams and I could not possibly be any happier. I did not have one single problem, everything went smoothly. I have since referred my family and friends with him and not one single person has been unhappy. A quick google search will give you all his updated information. 10/25/2010 Jackie F Reseda, CA  
Ash E
I have to tell you, as someone skeptical about how much my genetically droopy neck could be fixed (and I mean, hit me with your best shot from both sides of my family with the double chins), I cannot believe the outcome from Dr. Abrams at GIAA (Genetic Institute for Anti-Aging).I had a neck lift. Sheer brilliance. It’s a right angle not a slope. He should get a Nobel prize. (Also had some love handle removal which is amazing too!)PLUS, everyone in the office is polite, helpful, and, get this — efficient! Completely on the ball. Ready for your appointment, calling with updates and to see how you’re feeling post-op.Every doctor I met with on the day of surgery was totally nice, comforting, professional. The facility is SPOTLESS.I honestly could not give this place a better review. 100% happy.Anytime you have someone alter your appearance, it’s scary, but I have to say, if you want to have something done, it’s worth going to GIAA (highly recommend Dr. Ruben B. Abrams). I flew in from N. Calif. for it, and don’t regret it for a second. 1/22/2009 Ash E San Francisco, CA
NB and MB

Dear Dr Abrams,

My Daughter and I got home safe and sound a day after you have removed the tubes. I felt so good that we made an attempt to reschedule our flight home from 21st to 6th and we did so.

We still are shocked that how smoothly everything happened, that I could travel 20 hours back home, only six days after my Tummy Tuck surgery!!! As I said it before you are an Artist. I do not know how to thank you enough with words, the fact that we traveled 3000 miles from up North, for the second time to be treated by you , is a testimony that all of us in my family have strong faith in you as a human being and trust your expertise as a professional.

My husband and I trusted you once before with our daughter’s nose (which resulted in manifesting her beauty), and once again with me with this stunning result. I have to confess that I was terrified for my surgery away from home, but now I know I have wasted my time being so worried. Now I confidently encourage my friends who have the same problem to go ahead and book appointment for their surgery and needless to say that you are the only Plastic surgeon that I recommend to them.

My husband is expressing his appreciation and both of us invite you to our humble home in Upstate New York for an opportunity to express our appreciation with my ”somewhat good cooking”

J. Okay.. good cooking J.
with Warm loving Regards NB and MB

Dear Dr. Abrams, Considering I have known you for the past nine years, I feel this letter has been long overdue. It is my hope that it finds you in good spirit and delivers a message of appreciation and thanks for the superior care and service you have been so generously providing to my family, friends, and myself. We love you, Dr. Abrams. Keep up the good work. Truly Yours, N.K. Aside from possessing the best techniques and knowledge, Dr. Abrams, you posses something much superior that has been marking our souls and shall remain in our hearts forever: Your genuine care and honesty. Doctors with your qualities are almost like endangered species. They are few and far in between. I wish the world would come up with a plan to preserve you guys. 08/19/2010 N.K.
Mali R.
Thank you so much!!! I love my new look after my surgery. I am amazed at how natural they look and feel. I had a wonderful experience, and the surgery went great. I was expecting the worst and it was a piece of cake! All your staff were so kind, helpful and professional, especially Anna. Thank you!!! I am very happy. I definitely recommend Dr. Abrams.7 Dec 2013 Mali R.

I cannot thank Dr. Abrams enough for all his care and expertise throughout my surgery experience! I went through breast augmentation and rhinoplasty surgeries at the same time. Pre-op, Dr. Abrams made me feel comfortable and answered all my questions and concerns, so I went through the process with no worries. I let  Dr. Abrams make the decisions on what he thinks is best of me and I am happy with my results! 🙂 There are many plastic surgeons out there, but not many that care about their patients and are artistic experts like Dr. Ruben Abrams.

30 Apr 2014

Mia B. Los Angeles, CA  11/7/2010
GREAT EXPERIENCE.  Dr. Abrams was great.  Surgery went really well, he answered all my questions and concerns in advance, recovery was super easy.  Very professional, barely waited when I got there for consultation, all his staff is so sweet, I was just so comfortable throughout the whole process.  I would definitely recommend him.
Mia B.
Los Angeles, CA
Sara J
I recently had surgery with Dr. Abrams. I have to say that my experience from start to finish was fantastic! I am very happy with my results, and I appreciate Dr. Abrams and his caring staff for making this such a great experience. I would highly recommend him to anyone! I went back and forth on deciding to have surgery for several years. Once I met with Dr. Abrams I knew the time was right! 25 Jun 2013 Sara J. Costa Mesa, CA  


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Facial Procedures

Face and Neck Rejuvenation can involve any combination of procedures.  In our facial plastic surgery practice this combination of procedures is collectively known as the New Age Lift.  It can range from an Upper Blepharoplastyalone or a full combination of Upper Blepharoplasty, Lower Blepharoplasty with extension into the midface and Midface Lift, Brow Lift, and Short-Scar Face and Neck Lift (X-MACS Lift). 

Face Lift
face-lift-before-after-blepharoplasty-2Face lift procedure, more formally known as Rhytidectomy, is a widely-used surgical procedure used to improve visible signs of facial aging. It is a rejuvenation cosmetic procedure that makes the skin appear younger and reduce the appearance of aging. While face lift procedures do not stop the aging process or change one’s looks, face lift procedure does help the patient enjoy his or her younger face and hide the signs of aging longer. Dr. Abrams has successfully performed many face lift procedures in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area. View more photos and read more..
Eyelid Lift
face-lift-extended-upper-and-lower-blepharoplasty 3Eyelid Lift surgery, commonly known as Blepharoplasty probably results in the most dramatic change in facial rejuvenation. Depending on the individual’s specific needs, the surgery can consist of removing excess upper and lower eyelid skin, correction of asymmetries in eyelid position (ptosis repair), removal of eyelid bags, and tightening of the lower eyelids, or any combination of these. Th New Age Institute for Aesthetic surgery is the finest place for performing this surgery in Beverly Hills, Costa Mesa and Encino. View more photos and read more..

Breast Procedures

Breast problems for which ladies seek surgical correction are either due to underdevelopment (hypomastia), overdevelopment (hypertrophy), sagging (ptosis), or any combination thereof.  Hypomastia is usually genetic, as usually is breast hypertrophy.

Breast Augmentation
breast-enlargement-photo-13-1Breast augmentation, also known as mammoplasty, is a surgical enhancement procedure to accentuate the size and shape of a woman’s breasts. Various approaches are available, i.e. peri-areolar (through the nipple), inframammary (under the breast), and trans-axillary (through the under-arm), our preferred approach is the peri-areolar. It leaves an inconspicuous scar that is always hidden. Dr Abrams embodies these things and provides best of Breast Augmentation in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills. View more photos and read more..
Breast Lift
breast-lift-photos-5-1The procedure commonly known as Breast Lift or Nipple Lift, and medically termed Mastopexy, is an operation intended to correct sagging of the breasts and render them firmer with an aesthetically pleasing shape. There are several different types of breast lift, i.e. peri-areolar (donut), vertical (lollypop), and full (anchor) mastopexy. The New Age Institute for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is one of the best centers in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles for breast lift procedure and it can be performed as part of a mommy makeover. View more photos and read More..

Body Procedures

In general body procedures usually involve removal of redundant and sagging parts (e.g. Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty), removal of excess fat (e.g. Suction Assisted Lipoplasty or Liposuction), or reshaping of deformed parts (e.g. Repair of Post-Pregnancy Muscle Laxity/Diastasis Recti)).

Tummy Tuck
abdominoplasty-photos-7-1Tummy Tuck surgery or medically termed Abdominoplasty is done for the purpose of removing excess skin and fat from a loose and drooping (ptotic) abdomen, and tightening the abdominal muscles in cases where they have lost their tone. Dr. Abrams is one of the pioneers in carrying out different types of abdominoplasties as an outpatient procedure over 20 years ago in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, which set a trend in the plastic surgery community and the results have been very gratifying. Dr. Ruben Abrams., is the medical director of the New Age Institute for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in California. View more photos and read more..
Mommy Makeover
mommy-make-over-9-1With the advances made in technology, anesthesia, outpatient surgery, and with better understanding of human physiology in response to surgery, it is now possible to perform two or even three operations in the same sitting on one patient, e.g. Tummy Tuck and Breast Reduction or Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift. Combining these procedures has several benefits, especially since the patient has to undergo anesthesia once, and will recover only once for several procedures. The New Ages Institute for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery is one of the best places for Mommy Makeover in Beverly Hills. Veiw more photos and read ore..
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