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face-lift-before-after-2The aesthetics of the eyebrows has been a subject of interest for many centuries, especially in the Orient.  An aesthetically pleasing eyebrow arch directs slightly upwards as it goes from the inner to the outer part of the forehead and the outer part is approximately 8 – 10 mm above the bony ridge above the eye.  Sagging of the eyebrows not only results in loss of this aesthetic appearance, but also results in secondary sagging of the upper eyelids.  A common problem that patients are seen for is this very secondary sagging, which they are not aware of it being secondary to the eyebrows. Another problem related to the forehead is wrinkles in the horizontal or vertical (frown line) direction, which may require surgical correction.

Techniques & Methods

There are different techniques of brow lift available and the appropriate technique depends on the characteristics of the patient and their desired goal.  For example a patient with a high forehead and forehead wrinkles will benefit from a hairline forehead lift and a patient with a short forehead and no wrinkles but severe sagging of the eyebrows will benefit more from an endoscopic brow lift.

Brow | Eyebrow | Forehead Lift Photo Gallery:

Patient with isolated Brow Lift or in combination with other procedures.

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Note: Individual results may vary from patient to patient.