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Crooked Nasal Deformity

rhinoplasty-before-after-2One area of particular interest in which Dr. Abrams has extensive experience is straightening of the crooked nose. After years of experimenting with available techniques, Dr. Abrams has developed his own special method of classifying different types of crookedness in the nose and correcting each of these deformities accordingly.

Crooked Nasal Deformity Process & Procedure

Correction of the Crooked Nasal Deformity is one of the most challenging areas in nasal surgery.  Nasal Asymmetryor Crookedness can have many different causes and there are several classification systems to outline the type of crookedness at hand.  For each of these there are certain surgical procedures that need to be carried out in order to achieve the optimal result.  Correction of crooked nasal deformities usually involves very complex surgical maneuvers that require expertise in the specific area of dealing with Crooked Nasal Deformity.

Who Needs Crooked Nasal Deformity Procedure?

Crooked Noses are often associated with a deviated and deformed septum causing breathing difficulty due to nasal obstruction.  Therefore properly corrected, the surgery would also result in alleviation of the nasal obstruction.  This is one area where every plastic surgeon agrees that with today’s advanced techniques available every crooked nasal deformity should be corrected using the open approach.


Crooked Nose Correction Photo Gallery

Patient with isolated Crooked Nose Correction or in combination with other procedures.

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Note: Individual results may vary from patient to patient.