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Ear Pinning | Otoplasty

face-lift-before-after-2Some people may find themselves born with overly large ears, a rare condition known as macrotia. One may also incur injuries that may cause his or her ears to be misshapen. As a result, some might find themselves unsatisfied with the shape and size of their ears. Ear pinning can provide a solution to your overly large or misshapen ear concerns.

Otoplasty | Ear Pinning Procedure

Ear Pinning, medically known as Otoplasty, is a procedure commonly referred to as ‘pinning back the ears’. The ear pinning procedure is often used to correct ears that are prominent and stand out too much from the sides of the cranium. Dr. Abrams, a well-experienced and professional plastic surgeon of Beverly Hills, has performed countless ear pinning procedures that have improved the shape and proportion of his patient’s ears. Whether the ear defect is from birth or injury, Dr. Abrams and his exceptional team is able to correct the deformities.

Who Is Right For Otoplasty | Ear Pinning?

We recommend this procedure for anyone who feels bothered by his or her large, disproportionate ears. Many of our patients share that their prominent ears have been bothering them since they were very young. Children as young as 5 to 6 years old are eligible for this procedure, as their ear cartilage would be fully developed and stable enough to be corrected at that age.

Recovery & Results

The procedures are done under local anesthesia at our Beverly Hills clinic. Patients can expect to see a dramatic improvement in their appearance and self-confidence upon undergoing ear pinning procedures in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. For more information schedule a consultation with Dr. Abrams who can further discuss the surgical procedures or answer any questions you may have. Ruben B. Abrams has three locations; in Beverly Hills, Encino and Costa Mesa.


Ear Pinning | Otoplasty Photo Gallery

Patient with isolated Ear Pinning or in combination with other procedures.

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Note: Individual results may vary from patient to patient.