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Face Lift

face-lift-before-after-2One thing that people start to notice as they age is the fact that their faces start to change. Facial skin aging varies from one individual to another and is also influenced by environmental factors such as ultraviolet radiation and pollution. Typically people start to see changes between the ages of 30 and 40. Many begin to realize that their smooth and tight skin is no longer there. Wrinkles, fine lines and saggy skin start to become permanent characteristic of the face that you notice most. It is no surprise that face lift becomes a well-sought surgery for aging individuals.

Rhytidectomy Procedure

Face lift procedure, more formally known as Rhytidectomy, is a widely-used surgical procedure used to improve visible signs of facial aging. It is a rejuvenation procedure that makes the skin appear younger and reduce the appearance of aging. While face lift procedures do not stop the aging process or change one’s looks, face lift does help the patient enjoy his or her younger face and hide the signs of aging longer.

Different Types & Methods of Face Lift Procedures

Dr Ruben B. Abrams offers different types of face lift procedures in Beverly Hills and the Greater Los Angeles area, depending on the stages of aging. At the early stages, laser surfacing would be a good option. The face lift procedure would be able to address the presence of facial wrinkles. At later stages of aging, usually when patients are in their 40s or 50s, the facial skin and its underlying muscles have to be surgically tightened. This is to address the presence of jowls and sagging that often happen during the aging process. Our face lift procedures in Beverly Hills are suitable for patients who experience skin and muscle redundancy in the face areas and have very little fat present under the facial skin.

Dr. Abrams Approach

Dr. Abrams uses a variety of modern face lift procedures in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Dr. Abrams has an extensive experience that involves skin and muscle layer tightening, using a much smaller incision than a conventional face lift. This procedure is known as MACS Lift. Dr. Abrams uses his unique and special approach, the New Age Lift, which takes advantage of suspending the muscle layers of the face and eyelids to stable bony structures. Dr. Abrams’ procedures give a more favorable result, as patients appear more youthful and natural and can expect a more reliable and long-lasting results. Faster recovery as well as invisible scars can also be expected from this new and effective face lift procedure.


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