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Massive Weight Loss Reconstruction | Post-Bariatric

tummy-tuck-before-after-2For individuals who are severely overweight, changing your lifestyle is a must. If changes are not made you are at risk for serious health problems including diabetes, and high blood pressure among other things. But even after the weight comes off you may be left with excess fat and loose skin.

Who Is Right For Massive Weight Loss Reconstruction

Dr. Abrams and his staff can help you with those problems by completing a post-bariatric redundancy surgery. Think of it as a complete body contouring procedure, in which multiple areas of the body are worked on. These may include a combination of procedures including

Process & Procedures

  • Body lift

Results & Recovery

Post-bariatric surgery does involve more risks than other surgical procedures and should be considered cautiously. Dr. Abrams always makes sure to take extremely good care of his patients, making sure their health and safety are first priority. He has seen countless successes of men and women who have undergone this surgery, all with wonderful results. Enjoy the body you’ve worked so hard for. Call for a consultation today.


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Massive Weight Loss Reconstruction Photo Gallery

Patient with isolated Massive Weight Loss Reconstruction or in combination with other procedures.

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Note: Individual results may vary from patient to patient.