Breast Procedures

Breast problems for which ladies seek surgical correction are either due to underdevelopment (hypomastia), overdevelopment (hypertrophy), sagging (ptosis), or any combination thereof.  Hypomastia is usually genetic, as usually is breast hypertrophy.  However, environmental factors such as stress also play a role.  Sagging is usually a result of either weight fluctuation or pregnancy.  A patient who has only hypomastia will only need Breast Augmentation, while if she also has sagging she may require a Breast Lift as well.  Here are some examples of aesthetic breast procedures.  For a detailed description of each of these procedures and a full album of  sample photos please click on the link associated with the procedure of your interest.

phoca thumb l Patient 11 32 year old female with B cup breasts enlarged to C cup with 320 cc implants 2 Breast Procedures
35 year-old lady with B cup breasts, augmented to C cup using 350 cc saline implants

phoca thumb l 22 Breast Procedures
25 year-old female with B cup breasts and moderate ptosis (sagging) treated with 280 cc saline implants and partial breast lift (peri-areolar or donut lift)

phoca thumb l Patient 4 27 year old female with severe sagging full anchor breast lift 3 Breast Procedures
38 year-old female with C cup breasts and severe ptosis (sagging), corrected with full anchor breast lift using superior pedicle costal anchor technique

phoca thumb l br 9 Breast Procedures
32 year-old female with DD cup breasts reduced to C cup using full anchor inferior pedicle technique.

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