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Rhinoplasty is the technical term for what most people refer to as a “nose job”. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, rhinoplasty was one of the top five cosmetic surgery procedures of 2012. This isn’t surprising at all considering most people have very strong feelings about their nose. As the most prominent facial feature, people often use this surgery to improve the appearance and proportions of their nose, inevitably enhancing their self-esteem. Aesthetic / cosmetic nasal deformity is most commonly hereditary.  There are times when the deformity is a result of trauma and nasal fracture usually causing asymmetry and crookedness.  We will discuss deformities resulting from trauma and nasal fracture in the section under “Nasal Asymmetry and Correction of the Crooked Nose”.

This surgery not only requires necessary medical training but also a keen aesthetic eye. Only a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon knows exactly how to dissect and rearrange the bony, cartilaginous, and soft tissue structures of the nose in order to achieve the desired outcome. A rhinoplasty surgeon also knows that a nose is like a fingerprint; no two are alike. The shape should be based on the patient’s other facial features and ultimately look as natural as possible. The best compliment that Dr. Abrams gets from his patients is when they tell him after having nasal surgery that everybody thinks they have become more beautiful yet nobody can figure out exactly why.


Rhinoplasty Surgery Facts

On average the surgery lasts between one and two hours and the patient will spend the same amount of time in the recovery room, monitored carefully to make sure there are no complications. The surgery is usually done through the open approach.  This is a more precise approach as compared to the traditional closed approach, and has significantly reduced the number of patients requiring a secondary nasal revision by most plastic surgeons’ experiences.  Patients will possibly experience some pain which is easily manageable with mild pain medication.  Dr. Abrams has developed personal techniques that reduce the bruising to insignificant amounts.  However, there will be some swelling, most of which will disappear within 6 weeks.  The remaining swelling takes up to a year to subside completely.  Therefore any assessment regarding the final outcome of a rhinoplasty before one year is somewhat premature.


Is your body ready for Rhinoplasty?

There are a few things to keep in mind beforehand. First, you should not be considering rhinoplasty until after your body has stopped physically developing. On average this is about 16 years of age in a girl and a year or two more for a boy. For more information please call our offices and schedule a consultation with Dr. Abrams.


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Patient with rhinoplasty or in combination with other procedures.

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