Many of our patients who refer for a Breast Enlargement consultation have heard or read about SHAPED ANATOMICAL IMPLANTS (ANATOMICAL FORM-STABLE IMPLANTS), formerly known as tear-drop implants and have questions as to whether they have any advantage over ROUND BREAST IMPLANTS.  In most cases the question is resolved when patients view sample photos of patients who have received standard Round Breast Implants.

Round Breast Implants Or Shaped Anatomical Implants? Which One Is Better?

Silicone Breast Implants SafetyThere is much controversy in this regard, but in our opinion, there is no advantage with Shaped Anatomical Implants over Round Breast Implants.  The shaped anatomical Implants are much more expensive and are more difficult to insert and properly position because they are textured surface implants, requiring larger incisions and only using the inframammary fold approach.  The standard round implant is available in smooth surface (our preference) and textured surface.  The smooth surface implants can be inserted through any of the available approaches, with the peri-areolar approach being our preferred one since it leaves the most inconspicuous scar.

However, there was a recent article in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal which is the official organ of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, in which assessors with no knowledge of the type of breast implant were asked to evaluate breasts with either Round Breast Implants or Shaped Anatomical Implants. They were asked to determine what type of implant had been used and to assess variables such as upper pole contour, natural shape and feel, etc.  Even though in this study the scores were slightly higher for the Shaped Anatomical Implants  but the difference was not statistically significant.  Meaning that for all practical purposes there is no difference between the two types of implants.


Aesthetic Surgery Journal 2015, Vol 35 (3) 273-278.