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______________________________________________________________________________________________ Los Angeles, CA  11/7/2010

GREAT EXPERIENCE.  Dr. Abrams was great.  Surgery went really well, he answered all my questions and concerns
in advance, recovery was super easy.  Very professional, barely waited when I got there for consultation, all his staff
is so sweet, I was just so comfortable throughout the whole process.  I would definitely recommend him.
Mia B.

______________________________________________________________________________________________   Los Angeles, CA  11/7/2010

I recently had my nose done with Dr. Abrams and had such a wonderful experience with him.  He is so professional, kind, and honest.  He listened to all my concerns and made sure that I was 100% comfortable with my decision to have surgery before going through with it.  He is not the type of guy who will push you to have surgery for his benefit; he wants to make sure that his patients are totally comfortable and happy with their decision.  He also was so helpful in giving me all the information I needed way in advance, so I would be completely prepared for the surgery and know what to expect.  And after the surgery, he made sure to follow up with me frequently to make sure that I was doing OK. And besides just his hospitality and level of professionalism, the surgery went SO AMAZINGLY WELL!!!  I am SOOOOO happy with my nose, it looks so beautiful and natural, to the point that all my friends and family just says they notice something different but can’t exactly tell what.  Because it’s so natural, it doesn’t look like a fake, overly tiny, Hollywood nose.  It’s just perfectly natural, unique, and fits my face.  It’s obvious Dr. Abrams really looks at each of his patients individually and doesn’t have a “formula” for all the noses he does, but instead, makes sure that each time he does surgery on someone, it’s individualized to fit their exact features and needs. Overall, I was EXTREMELY HAPPY with my experience with Dr. Abrams, he’s truly a one of a kind physician and I would 100% RECOMMEND HIM to anyone who is interested in any type of plastic surgery. Amelie L. ______________________________________________________________________________________________   Fountain Valley, CA   10/26/2010
Dr. Abrams did my breast augmentation and lift in September 2010.  I trust him completely and recommend him hightly! Dr. Abrams is a talented and gifted surgeon.  He is triple or quadruple certified and you will be hard pressed to find a more qualified surgeon.  I did my homework and I would never settle for less! Jill R

______________________________________________________________________________________________   Reseda, CA   10/25/2010  

I had a tummy tuck, intense breast lift with implants all at the same time with Dr Abrams and I could not possibly be any happier. I did not have one single problem, everything went smoothly. I have since referred my family and friends with him and not one single person has been unhappy. A quick google search will give you all his updated information. Jackie F

______________________________________________________________________________________________   San Francisco, CA    1/22/2009  

I have to tell you, as someone skeptical about how much my genetically droopy neck could be fixed (and I mean, hit me with your best shot from both sides of my family with the double chins), I cannot believe the outcome from Dr. Abrams at GIAA (Genetic Institute for Anti-Aging). I had a neck lift. Sheer brilliance. It’s a right angle not a slope. He should get a Nobel prize. (Also had some love handle removal which is amazing too!) PLUS, everyone in the office is polite, helpful, and, get this — efficient! Completely on the ball. Ready for your appointment, calling with updates and to see how you’re feeling post-op. Every doctor I met with on the day of surgery was totally nice, comforting, professional. The facility is SPOTLESS. I honestly could not give this place a better review. 100% happy. Anytime you have someone alter your appearance, it’s scary, but I have to say, if you want to have something done, it’s worth going to GIAA (highly recommend Dr. Ruben B. Abrams). I flew in from N. Calif. for it, and don’t regret it for a second. Ash E

______________________________________________________________________________________________   Dear Dr Abrams, My Daughter and I got home safe and sound a day after you have removed the tubes. I felt so good that we made an attempt to reschedule our flight home from 21st to 6th and we did so. We still are shocked that how smoothly everything happened, that I could travel 20 hours back home, only six days after my Tummy Tuck surgery!!! As I said it before you are an Artist. I do not know how to thank you enough with words, the fact that we traveled 3000 miles from up North, for the second time to be treated by you , is a testimony that all of us in my family have strong faith in you as a human being and trust your expertise as a professional. My husband and I trusted you once before with our daughter’s nose (which resulted in manifesting her beauty), and once again with me with this stunning result. I have to confess that I was terrified for my surgery away from home, but now I know I have wasted my time being so worried. Now I confidently encourage my friends who have the same problem to go ahead and book appointment for their surgery and needless to say that you are the only Plastic surgeon that I recommend to them. My husband is expressing his appreciation and both of us invite you to our humble home in Upstate New York for an opportunity to express our appreciation with my ”somewhat good cooking” J. Okay.. good cookingJ. with Warm loving Regards NB and MB   ______________________________________________________________________________________________   08/19/2010   Dear Dr. Abrams,   Considering I have known you for the past nine years, I feel this letter has been long overdue. It is my hope that it finds you in good spirit and delivers a message of appreciation and thanks for the superior care and service you have been so generously providing to my family, friends, and myself.We love you, Dr. Abrams. Keep up the good work. Truly Yours,N.K. Aside from possessing the best techniques and knowledge, Dr. Abrams, you posses something much superior that has been marking our souls and shall remain in our hearts forever: Your genuine care and honesty.   Doctors with your qualities are almost like endangered species. They are few and far in between. I wish the world would come up with a plan to preserve you guys.

The Most Important Facts To Consider For A Tummy Tuck

Beverly Hills can sometimes be an intimidating place; beautiful celebrities are a common sight, girls that seem to spend their lives in the gym seem standard, while bronzed skin outnumbers pale and white by a long shot. Those of us who just feel ‘normal’ can often feel a little overwhelmed.
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